After Goa, BJP’s Biren Singh Invited To Form Government In Manipur

The BJP's Nongthombam Biren Singh will take oath as Manipur's next chief minister on Wednesday afternoon along with his council of ministers, making it four states out of five for the... More

Muslims will get representation in UP government

Senior BJP leaders believe that a section of Muslims had supported the party in the state assembly elections. Analysts have also confirmed that BJP swept the Uttar Pradesh elections with 10... More

China may station Marines in Gwadar, say PLA insiders

China's navy plans to expand its marine corps and may station new marine brigades in Gwadar, Pakistan and in Djibouti near the Gulf of Aden, Chinese military insiders have said. Two brigades... More

USDP Chairman: ‘Much of Myanmar is in Chaos’

The chairman of the former ruling party of Myanmar has claimed that much of the country is in “chaos” and in need of a “disciplined democracy” as the country prepares for... More

Pakistan likely to demand creation of Asian Parliament

A meeting of Special Committee on Creation of Asian Parliament (SCCAP) and APA Standing Committee on Political Affairs (SCPA) would be held from March 13 to 17 in the Pakistan federal... More

Sri Lanka eager to work with Indian Ocean maritime powers’

“Sri Lanka is eager to work with the maritime powers of the Indian Ocean and beyond, to make our oceans secure for unimpeded commerce and peaceful navigation”, Sri Lankan Ambassador in... More

BJP To Form Goa Government, Manohar Parrikar As Chief Minister

The BJP is ready to retain Goa, despite placing second in the picturesque coastal state. There will be one major change if it forms the government: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar will... More

Indian State Election: BJP wins in UP-Uttarakhand; Congress in Punjab

The BJP has given Modi a thumping victory in Uttar Pradesh (UP), where the party has won 324 of the state’s 403 seats. The PM’s party has also bagged 57 out... More

India apex court issues unprecedented warrant against sitting judge

For the first time in independent India, the Supreme Court issued a warrant order against a sitting judge of the High Court. This was an unprecedented decision in the judicial history... More

Pakistan and Sri Lanka reaffirm its military ties

Pakistan and Sri Lanka are renewing their military ties with a series of training activities planned between the navies of the two countries alongside the arrival of two naval ships from... More

Over 20,000 People Flee Myanmar to China After Violence Erupted

More than 20,000 people crossed into China from neighboring Myanmar escaping violence between security forces and ethnic rebels, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Thursday. "Military conflict in the northern... More

EXIT POLLS: Gain for BJP in UP and Uttarakhand

After a gruelling campaigning for over two months, the wait is about to end as the results for five states will be announced on 11 March. But before the counting of... More

India’s ‘diplomatic isolation’ of Pakistan hinders prospects for improved ties: US...

Commander of the United States Central Command (Centcom) General Joseph Votel on Thursday said India’s policy of 'diplomatic isolation' of Pakistan may be a hindrance to improved ties between the two... More

Life Sentence for a Disabled Professor Draws Criticism

In an unprecedented judgement, an Indian Court sentenced a physically handicapped professor of Delhi University to life in prison for his link to Maoist rebels. Professor G.N. Saibaba, who suffers from... More

Place names of blasphemers on Exit Control List, IHC orders govt

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed the government to register cases against alleged blasphemers running social media pages and put their names on the Exit Control List (ECL). Petitioner Salman Shahid,... More

38 killed in hospital attack in Afghan capital, Daesh claimed responsibility

More than 38 people were killed in an attack on a military hospital in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul, the Defense Ministry said. It is reported that more than 50 people were wounded. Hospital... More

Daesh’s Khorasan Unit Starts Terror in India, Police Kill Suspected Attacker

After 12 hours of high intensity firing, Indian police killed a suspected terrorist of the Khorasan module of Daesh, also known as ISIS, in a case related to a low intensity... More

Indian citizen gets 15-year jail term on terrorism charges in US

A 41-year-old citizen of India was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in a US prison after he pleaded guilty to conspiring while living in northern Nevada to plot terror strikes in... More

The Trinamool Congress government displays authoritarian tendencies

A Frontline report draws attention to two Bills passed recently by the West Bengal Assembly, to crush any dissenting voice and to wrest control of government-aided institutions of higher education, highlighting... More

Two soldiers and Five militants killed in Swabi

Five suspected terrorists were reportedly killed in an intelligence-based operation conducted by Pakistan Army in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Swabi district on Tuesday. " five terrorists who were killed were planning to target... More

India Not Eager to Hop On to China’s Cyber Sovereignty Bandwagon

India may not cosy up to a Chinese proposal in the next round of BRICS Summit to promote and bind member states into a multilateral treaty on “cyber sovereignty”. This allows... More


The Lady takes aim at the UN

Myanmar’s restive western state of Rakhine is back in the news. And it is set to be a busy week for Rakhine matters. The military are consolidating their counter insurgency operations in Rakhine -- centered in the Mayu mountains... More

Accountability across the board -II

In his address to the Constituent Assembly on 11 August 1947, the Quaid said that “Jobbery, graft nepotism and bribe has to be put down with iron hand”. His vision of anti-corruption was reflected through “Prevention of Corruption Act... More

Two years into office, UNP-SLFP coalition government is...

It’s been two years since two of Sri Lanka’s largest political groupings - the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) - signed a MoU to cohabit in the government for two years to give... More

The US ready to turn Afghanistan into a...

After all the debate in the US on the Trump administration’s Afghanistan strategy, what we have today is a potentially destructive proposal to effect a full withdrawal and replace regular American forces with private contractors, which are nothing but... More

Another hornet’s nest stirred

The Modi government has developed a reputation to stir a hornet’s nest where one can be and should be avoided. With less than a month to go for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Myanmar visit, one of his controversy-prone ministers has... More


Trump’s Afghanistan policy

President Donald Trump's much touted Afghan strategy -- which is a U-turn on his original views -- is essentially a facelift of a tried, tested and failed... More

Spiral into chaos  

Historically speaking, Balochistan in general and the Baloch community in particular are secular. Even in traditional Baloch society, the mullah is not a revered figure. Instead, he... More

Standoff with China prompts revamp of India’s regional policies

The denouement of the dangerous India-China military standoff in Doklam near the Sikkim border is hard to predict. But on the diplomatic and geopolitical plane, one definite... More

Squeezed by an India-China Standoff, Bhutan Holds Its Breath

India’s main garrison in the Kingdom of Bhutan sits only 13 miles from a disputed border with China. There is a training academy, a military hospital, a... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate... More

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