US$ 1.5 M grant to improve Bhutan’s Climate Resilience programme

US$ 1.5 M grant to improve Bhutan’s Climate Resilience programme

SAM Staff,

To prepare a long-term plan in improving Bhutan’s Climate Resilience programme, a grant of US$ 1.5 million between the Government and the World Bank was signed this Thursday (2nd March) .

The grant was signed by Finance Minister, Namgay Dorji and World Bank’s Resident Representative for Bhutan, Yoichiro Ishihara.

The Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience (SPCR) process will support Bhutan’s capacity to develop a programmatic multi-sector and climate resilient investment plan.

The SPCR process will be used as a foundation to provide inputs in the 12th Five Year Plan. The project is supported through a preparatory grant fund provided by the Climate Investment Fund through the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience Program.

According to World Bank press release, the project is expected to be completed by mid of 2019.

Meanwhile, a grant of US$ 850,000 to improve statistics, particularly for the Bhutan Living Standard Survey (BLSS) and Economic Census, was also signed between the Government and the World Bank.

The BLSS is a national household survey, which provides key socio-economic indicators including national poverty estimates, undertaken by the National Statistics Bureau.

The BLSS is scheduled to take place beginning this month.

However, Economic Census will be first of its kind in the country and is considered critical input to the ongoing efforts Accounts statistics, such as GDP.

Both the BLSS and Economic Census have strategic importance for the Government to assess the achievement of the 11th Five Year Plan and set baselines for the 12th Five Year Plan.