Maldives opposition leader Gasim released

Maldives opposition leader Gasim released

SAM Staff,
Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim(L)

The Maldives criminal court has released Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim with conditions after 20 days in police custody.

According to defence lawyer Hisaan Hussain, the court imposed seven conditions for the opposition lawmaker’s release, including cooperating with the police investigation, seeking police permission before leaving the country, and not committing any act to influence witnesses or eliminate evidence.

Other conditions include refraining from “holding meetings with people who sow discord and strife in society,” speaking in a manner that sows discord or incites unrest and allowing others to use his home or property to deliver such speeches.

He was also ordered not to make any statements that could cause disquiet or misgivings among the public towards the heads of the executive, legislature and judiciary.

Gasim was arrested for the second time on April 20, a week after the high court ordered his release from a six-day remand detention. On April 13, he was put on trial on charges of bribery, influencing the official conduct of a public official and intimidating and improperly influencing a voter.

He was charged for declaring during a speech at an opposition rally that the allied parties would grant tickets for the 2019 parliamentary elections to MPs who vote to impeach Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed.