No room for a dictatorial or military rule, says Lankan president 

No room for a dictatorial or military rule, says Lankan president 

SAM Staff,

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said that he ended a dictatorial and military rule on 8th January 2015 and there is no any scope for such a rule in this country again.

“The people in this country today has an understanding about the conspiracies by some persons who are trying to come to power by showing a fantasy world to the people, hiding their true faces with masks”, he said.

The President was speaking at a ceremony held Thursday to open the newly built administration building at the Irrigation Training Institute in Galgamuwa.

“The government is ready to reveal the fraud and corruption committed by the persons in the pretext of development. These persons are fabricating fairy tales on the development while trying to convince that the current government is an incapable, failed government,” he stated.

The President said a cheque worth billions related to Gin Nilwala Project had been issued on the 7th of January, 2015, a day before the Presidential Election, when no government office was working. “Some persons challenged us to reveal if any fraud had been occurred. By now the matters regarding this fraud have been revealed. We can show the people what has happened to that money”, the President said.

He pointed out that the devastation occurred to the country through the Uma Oya project which commenced according to political decisions, without any capacity evaluation. “Everybody should get together not to change the government, but to free the country and the people from poverty, free the country from the millions worth debt burden created by the former government and take the country towards development” the President emphasized.

“I have a humble happiness that the media today can freely criticize the government and anybody can protest freely”, he said.

“Every political party spoke about the water requirement to Wayamba. But it is the current government which gave a solution to that issue through Moragahakanda project. The Wayamba Ela project and the Moragahakanda reservoir will result in renovation of more than 300 tanks in Kurunegala District. It will make a huge transformation in the irrigation sector and the lives of the people in the district”, he said.