Maldives’ ex-Prez security detail increase translates to ‘house arrest’

Maldives’ ex-Prez security detail increase translates to ‘house arrest’

SAM Staff,
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, file photo

The opposition has initiated waves of criticism on government’s move to increase an unsolicited security detail at the residence of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, which is being described an unwarranted ‘house arrest.’

Gayoom, whose life is in danger according to a confidential intelligence report, has been seemingly ‘locked in’ his own residence with constant surveillance. Officers of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has established a security post at the residence of Maafannu Endherimaage, Gayoom’s home, with thorough background checks and data collected of the visitors to the venue.

Meanwhile MNDF claims that they had increased the security detail based on the report they received of Gayoom’s life in danger, the authority had not disclosed further details of the situation. Former president Gayoom had officially requested from MNDF to provide him with necessary information about the threat and its scope through a written letter.

However, as of now it is uncertain whether the authority had come forward in responding to the letter.

At a time when the tension has been mounting up one strife after the other, and with the opposition’s strength put to test with a recent poll concluding with the surprising result of Qasim Ibrahim of Jumhoory Party leading, the opposition seems to be thrown into a quagmire of political predicaments.

Gayoom who had not been vocal about his opinion of a mutually coincided solo candidate emerging from the United Alliance front, had stated that his prime drive for 2018 would be to release the ‘chained’ parliament from government claws.

Opposition suspects the state’s move to place Gayoom under the ‘unlawful’ house arrest was an attempt to block his movement. Mahloof described the move as the ‘closest government can come in putting Gayoom in jail.’