September 2018
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“The pulsating cheering crowd in the National Stadium Karachi for the... More

New Delhi has been receiving shock after shock in the past... More

There was once a time when international pressure on domestic issues... More

Just few days before the arrival of the US Secretary of... More

The UN’s independent human rights investigators have issued the toughest verdict... More


Trump is playing a dangerous Asian game

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had to do some elaborate diplomatic two-steps during their swing across the Indian subcontinent during the first week of September. And that goes way beyond simply being forced to deny that neither was the anonymous author of the stunning New York Times column disclosing that senior administration officials were “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of (Trump’s)... More

US-China trade war is helping boost use of yuan in international...

The trade war initiated by the United States is actually helping China achieve one of its coveted long-term financial goals – the greater use of its currency, the yuan, in international commerce and financial transactions. As of the end of the second quarter, overseas institutional and individual holdings of yuan-denominated financial assets totalled 4.9 trillion yuan (US$717 billion), according to ICBC International, the Hong Kong investment banking arm of Industrial... More

Sino-Russia military relations at ‘an all-time high’

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (center) reviews a military honor guard with Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on June 8, 2018. Photo: AFP Like most high-ranking military officers, Air Force General Xu Qiliang is direct and to the point. The vice-chairman of China’s powerful Central Military Commission rarely uses six words when one will do. Indeed, ‘blunt’ could be his middle name. Yet Xu... More

Afghan great game moves centre stage

Through the past week, the US-led Afghan war against the Taliban transformed as a struggle over engaging with the Taliban in peace talks. The US successfully stalled the Russian format on Afghanistan slated for September 4 in Moscow by instructing President Ashraf Ghani to drop out of the event. The US was infuriated that the red line was breached when the Taliban accepted the Russian invitation to the meet in Moscow. The... More

Kofi Annan, the peacemaker who knew how to play big-power politics

Kofi Annan’s career was inextricably entangled with power politics. The former United Nations secretary-general, who died on Saturday, spent decades grappling with tensions between the organization’s members over crises from the Balkans to Syria. At times, he managed the turbulence masterfully. At others, he had little or no control over events. Win or lose, Annan occupied a very rare place in the international political firmament as a mediator able... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral... More

Traditional grass mats of South Asia

The Sylhet-born Gurusaday Dutta, a noted civil servant of yesteryears, a famous folklorist and writer, was renowned for his contribution to the preservation of... More

From atop the golden boughs

Some years ago Sheldon Pollock, master-scholar, philologist and historian, issued a dire warning about the state of scholarship in Sanskrit and other classical Ind¬ian... More

Shonku on big screen

Professor Shonku, the genius scientist, inventor and polyglot whose adventures have enthralled generations of young Bengali readers for six decades, will for the first... More

How my love for the mountains took me from Hyderabad...

I grew up in the plains of Hyderabad, Sindh. Often travelling to and from Karachi, I would notice the mountains near Thano Bola Khan... More