Political triangle: Prospects of US-India alliance amid China’s rise

A closer alliance with the US could bring India more harm than good, a professor of politics at the University of Westminster, Dibyesh Anand, told Radio Sputnik, commenting on... More

Modi losing steam

Why is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying he can drink poison for the 'good of the country'?  Such a desperate pronouncement from someone claiming a 56-inch chest does suggest... More

Drive to evict Bangladeshis from India

A few thousand Bangladeshis every year are being sent back from the border with India. They cross the border into India in search of work, to earn a living.... More

Eye on China, top Navy commanders to deliberate on security challenges

Top Navy commanders will hold extensive deliberations during a four-day conference from Tuesday (Oct 24) on security challenges facing India on the sea front with a focus on China's... More

Rex Tillerson to have big regional agenda during India visit

Regional issues could take precedence over bilateral ones, as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives New Delhi on Tuesday (Oct 24). He is expected to raise Washington’s new South... More

US-India rapport more symbolic than substantial

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a speech "Defining Our Relationship with India for the Next Century" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in... More

Rift within Reserve Bank of India’s panel widens, minutes show: Report

India’s monetary policy-makers disagreed sharply over whether the economy needed another dose of stimulus, underlining their dilemma as growth slowed with inflation forecast to accelerate. Data released after the RBI’s... More

Why has Russia’s Military joined India for North Korea border drills?

Russia’s forces in the Pacific continue their ongoing courtship of foreign militaries, launching a joint drill with India off the coast of its border with North Korea, according to... More

Let’s build a positive ‘transactional relationship’ with the US

U.S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson will visit Pakistan next week to discuss the US vision for the new South Asia Policy. The confirmation of the visit comes at... More

India welcomes Tillerson call for deeper ties to counter China

Speaking ahead of a visit to India next week, Tillerson on Wednesday called for deeper cooperation with India in the face of growing Chinese influence in Asia and said... More

India, Russia kick-start their first Joint Military War Games

India and Russia on Friday kick-started 10-day military exercises engaging their armies, navies and air forces for the first time, said the Defence Ministry. The war games began in... More

Kashmir needs political initiative, says State Police Chief

At least 160 militants have been killed in J&K Police’s latest security campaign this year but Kashmir needs a “political initiative” and the central government should take steps to... More

2.5 million people die every year of pollution in India, highest in...

As many as 2.5 million people die because of pollution in the country every year, a figure which is highest in the world, according to The Lancet Commission on... More

3-ft-tall JeM militant in J&K new security headache for Indian Army

A 47-year old militant, who is only three feet tall, is reported to be behind the recent attacks by the Jaish-e-Mohammed in Kashmir. According to police sources, Noor Mohammad... More

Stronger, more powerful Xi Jinping will bring foreign policy challenges for India

One aspect of the Communist Party of China’s congress that is certain is that at the end of it on October 24, President Xi Jinping will emerge a stronger... More

India can help US to keep an eye on Pakistan: Nikki Haley

India can help the US keep an eye on Pakistan as President Donald Trump has "taken tougher approach to Islamabad harbouring terrorists", US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley... More

Indian Air Force worried about future of fifth generation fighter deal with...

The Narendra Modi government now has a problem on its hands. The Indo-Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Programme (FGFA) was planned about a decade ago and several billion dollars have... More

India, Russia to hold first ‘tri-service’ war games starting this week

India and Russia will hold large-scale military exercises engaging their armies, navies and air forces for the first time, said the Defence Ministry. The two countries have held annual naval... More

Slowdown haunts Indian government unwilling to admit its mis-steps

Seventy years after independence, India’s economy is at a critical juncture. Two years ago, thanks to a surge in growth since 2005 and China’s slowdown, India celebrated overtaking its... More

Indian political role in Afghanistan ‘is a red line’, Pakistan tells Washington

The dramatic rescue of an American-Canadian couple by Pakistani security forces last week appears to have had a positive effect on the troubled ties between Islamabad and Washington. Pakistan... More

Indian company linked to ‘arms dealer’ invited to build Maldives airport

An “invitation” to an Indian company to build an international airport in the Maldives has generated controversy, with the opposition in Male questioning antecedents of its promoters who are... More


Sirisena in a fix over release of Tamil Tiger detainees

With three major national level elections to face in the coming three years, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena is under pressure from multiple sections of the Sri Lankan polity and society to deliver on his electoral promises. Among... More

New Afghan strategy offers war not victory or peace

In its search for a strategy that might bring a victory -- or even a semblance of it -- in its longest war ever, the US is ending up offering more years of warfare than peace to... More

Will the Sinha to Miah transition solve the crisis?

Chief Justice Sinha is already history after his flight to Australia amidst much drama and corruption allegations made by the Government. His has been a dramatic regime anyway which began with calls to uphold the supremacy of... More

Bank failure not an option

Over the years many highly developed economies with sophisticated markets and long functioning banking systems have faced significant banking crises or banking failures. The role of Central Banks is critical in not only preventing and/or pre-empting failures... More

Aung San Suu Kyi reveals the strategic plans for Rakhine

At long last Aung San Suu Kyi has finally revealed the government’s new strategic plans for the trouble state of Rakhine. This is essentially the long-promised roadmap constructed around the recommendations of the Kofi Annan Advisory Commission... More


Afghanistan’s tryst with China begins – in Washington

Afghanistan has been accepted as a permanent member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Jin Liqun, president of the Beijing-based institution, formally presented a certificate confirming... More

Slowdown haunts Indian government unwilling to admit its mis-steps

Seventy years after independence, India’s economy is at a critical juncture. Two years ago, thanks to a surge in growth since 2005 and China’s slowdown, India celebrated... More

Missing a Nobel chance

The Nobel Peace Prize, 2017, has just been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). Had India joined 122 other member-states of the United... More

Fight the lie with the truth

The truth about Myanmar must be told, 10,000 times 10 years, the government of Myanmar has committed genocide against the Rohingya people. This is not a complicated issue,... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate... More