Missing landing craft found by Indian navy

A landing craft that went missing with six people onboard last week was found Saturday night with the help of the Indian navy. The Maria-3 vessel... More

MNDF: No connection between oil spill, tugboat; search ongoing

There’s no connection between the oil spill found in the ocean and the tugboat “Mariya-3” which went missing with six people onboard while traveling from... More

Bad weather wreaks havoc across Maldives

Torrential rain, thunderstorms, and rough seas have been wreaking havoc across the Maldives with the onset of the south-west monsoon. On Wednesday night, a tornado struck the southernmost... More

Judge lifts conditions imposed on MV opposition leader Gasim

The criminal court has lifted restrictive conditions imposed on Maldives opposition Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim when he was released from police custody last week. The... More

MV Supreme court asked to restrict parliament’s powers to...

The Attorney General’s office has asked the supreme court to determine that the parliament can only dismiss cabinet ministers for committing an impeachable offence. According to... More

Female candidates win majorities on four island councils

Female candidates won majorities on island councils for the first time in the Maldives’ third municipal elections on May 6. Voters on the islands of Thakandhoo... More

Yameen’s murder case sent to UN committees for inquiry

Case of the brutal murder of local human rights activist and blogger – Yameen Rasheed- has been sent to relevant United Nations committees for inquiry by... More

Maldives opposition leader Gasim released

The Maldives criminal court has released Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim with conditions after 20 days in police custody. According to defence lawyer Hisaan Hussain, the... More

Maldives Ruling party concedes defeat in council polls

Amid the initial confusion over contrasting provisional results, both parties had claimed victory in the elections. The confusion seems to stem from the contrasting preliminary results... More

Maumoon Gayoom’s SG pays MVR85k fine for contempt of...

Abdul Aleem, the secretary-general of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s faction of the divided ruling party, has paid an MVR85,000 (US$5,500) fine for contempt of... More

Maldives local elections: both sides claim victory

Both the ruling PPM and opposition coalitions in Maldives have claimed victory in the local council elections held on Saturday (6 May). The ruling coalition lead... More

Council election campaign concludes

The Maldives local council election campaign concluded with final rallies in Malé on Thursday night followed by marches and vehicle rallies across the country on... More

4.3% rise in tourist arrivals in first 3 months

Statistics show a 4.3 percent rise in tourist arrivals in the first three months of 2017 compared to the first three months of 2016 in... More

High Court rules in favor of repossession of 2...

High Court has ruled in favor of the State’s repossession of two islands and one lagoon from Villa Group – owned by Jumhoory Party (JP)... More

ACC: No political influence case related to election so...

No political influence case related to the upcoming Local Council Election has been submitted so far, reports Maldives Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). Deputy Leader of Adhaalath Party... More

Man arrested in Yameen’s murder remanded by 15 days

The young man has been apprehended by the police in connection with the murder of human rights activist and blogger, Yameen Rasheed has been remanded... More

President requests opposition leaders to send letters to free...

Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has requested that opposition leaders send in letters individually if they want to free the former President Mohamed Nasheed,... More

UN calls for probe into Yameen’s death

The United Nations has called for the investigation on the murder of the social media activist and blogger, Yameen Rasheed be up to the international... More

Faris summoned to police headquarters

Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon, son of the former Maldives president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, was summoned to police headquarters this Monday morning. Faris was sent summons... More

Maldives blogger stabbed to death

A prominent Maldivian blogger, who was critical of extremism and government corruption, was stabbed to death on Sunday, police said, and the main opposition party... More

Maldives Police cancel Mamoon PA Sofwan’s passport

Maldives Police Service has cancelled the passport of former Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s personal assistant and head of his security detail – Ahmed Sofwan,... More


Myanmar’s fragile peace process set to unravel

Myanmar’s peace process is slowly unraveling as the discussions between the government and the ethnic groups involved remains marred by confusion, indecision and division. Days away from the next round of the 21st Century Panglong or national peace conference, there is still no clear idea of who... More

Why kicking itself out of OBOR was...

While India stopped short of attending the last week held summit of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in China, otherwise known as ‘One Belt One Road’ vision, the decision should not be confused with, despite India’s allusions to the violation of its territory and sovereignty, the possibility... More

Can India afford to ignore OBOR

India's decision to not join the One Belt One Road (OBOR) or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Summit in Beijing (May 14-16) is not just about the sovereignty issues, as has been made out by Delhi. It is not just about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor entering through... More

International-ising Jadhav

This was a good week for Pakistan. First Modi made the faux pas of the decade by boycotting the China Summit on the “One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiatives, then India gave us an enormous platform for internationalizing human rights by going to the ICJ over the... More

Asia is central to China’s strategic vision

China’s international summit to help promote its strategic vision – ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR), now dubbed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – has just concluded in Beijing. Twenty-nine heads of state and representatives from 130 countries attended the two-day forum on 14-15 May. Most of... More


China tightens grips on ASEAN

China has deepened its influence on ASEAN nations, and the just-concluded ASEAN Summit with its chairman’s watered-down statement stands testimony to this. This China factor — coming on the back of Beijing’s huge investments as... More

China’s new world order

China recently hosted 29 heads of state and government at the Belt and Road Forum, reinforcing the country’s claim to leadership of an emerging geopolitical and economic world order. The summit conference that... More

Why Kashmir remains disturbed

Whether stone pelting on Indian Armed Forces in Kashmir is being done at the behest of Pakistan or as a response to fundamentalists' call, the fact remains that the valley is disturbed. Scores of... More

No easy refuge from death row for Kulbhushan Jadhav

The movie version of this script, we’re all familiar with: “no, your honour”, shouts the lawyer, the mother tears up, the judge bangs his gavel in approval and the hero walks off death row.... More



Reaction to “Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade”

David Bergman, British investigative journalist based in Bangladesh, commented on a recently published column of South Asian Monitor titled "SOUTHERN EYE: Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade" in his facebook profile. "This is a fascinating and detailed article... More

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