Maldives court overturns conviction to free JP leader Gasim

Maldives' first appellate court on Monday freed jailed Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim after overturning his bribery conviction. The business tycoon was convicted of bribery and sentenced to over three years in prison in August last year. Gasim... More

Maldives: Supreme Court Upholds Presidential Poll Results in Unanimous Verdict

The Supreme Court of the Maldives on Sunday upheld the results of last month’s presidential election in a unanimous judgment after President Abdulla Yameen challenged his own defeat in the poll. Supporters of Yameen, who initially conceded defeat... More

Maldives misguided over intentions: China

Reports that Maldives President elect-Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, better know as Ibu, is considering putting several Chinese-funded projects on hold, while reviewing others, have raised flags in Beijing. On Friday, a newspaper quoted sources saying Ibu was “exploring options”... More

Maldives High Court overturns conviction to free Gayoom

Maldives High Court on Thursday freed jailed former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom after overturning his conviction. The 80 year old Gayoom along with two top court judges were convicted of obstruction of justice and sentenced to one year... More

Vote-winning Maldives party seeks travel ban on President Yameen

The party of the incoming president of the Maldives has urged police to impose a travel ban on outgoing President Abdulla Yameen so he can face investigations in connection with graft cases that the party aims to... More

Maldives’ president says preparing to step down with no regrets on any...

The president of the Maldives, Abdulla Yameen, said on Wednesday he had no complaints or reservations about any of his decisions while in office, and that he was preparing to step down, despite having challenged his election... More

Maldives court rejects witnesses in major blow to pres’ election challenge

Maldives' apex court on Tuesday refused to hear the three witnesses presented by incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to back his motion to annul last month's presidential election. The decision by the five judge bench was a... More

Verdict looms in Maldives election challenge

The Supreme Court of Maldives inched closer Monday to a decision on President Abdulla Yameen’s petition to annul the September 23 election. As hearings entered its second day amid growing public anxiety, lawyers sparred over secret witnesses who... More

Maldives opposition supporters protest as court reviews election challenge

Hundreds of Maldivians protested on Sunday demanding the arrest of defeated President Abdulla Yameen as its top court began to hear a petition challenging the outcome of last’s month election in the island nation. The tourist archipelago has... More

US considers taking ‘measures’ against undermining forces while power transfer in Maldives

The US will consider undertaking "appropriate measures" against anyone who undermines a peaceful transfer of power in the Maldives, a top State Department official has said, expressing concern over the "troubling actions" taken by outgoing president Abdullah... More

In Maldives, democracy has triumphed over attempts to subvert public opinion

When democracy globally has been tilting towards populism and bordering on autocracy, Maldives has shown that the future is not to despair. Democratic forces will usher in corrective measures when the time is appropriate. The whiff of... More

China-built bridge transforms lives in the Maldives

The Chinese built China-Maldives Friendship Bridge connecting capital Malé with the Airport Island, which was opened about a month ago, has made travel easier and added new dimensions to local peoples' lives. On September 7, the Greater Male'... More

Maldives top court to hear election challenge on Sun

Maldives' apex court is set to hear the legal challenge filed by incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom seeking to annul last month's presidential election on Sunday. According to the Supreme Court website, a hearing on the case... More

Maldives election commissioners flee alleging threats

Four of the five members of Maldives' elections commission have fled the country, alleging threats from supporters of outgoing President Abdulla Yameen. Elections Commissioner Ahmed Shareef on Thursday said groups of Yameen supporters gathered in front of the... More

‘Some people’ can’t stand its friendship with Maldives, China says

China on Thursday said "some people" cannot stand its friendship with the Maldives even as its President-elect Ibrahim Solih has assured that his country will implement all the projects agreed between Beijing and Male. The Chinese Foreign Ministry... More

Maldives strongman challenges election defeat

Maldives strongman President Abdulla Yameen filed a legal challenge on Wednesday (Oct 10) against his recent landslide election defeat despite international pressure for him to go quietly. Yameen, whose main political rivals were either in jail or in... More

Maldives president-elect invited to visit China

President-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has been invited to make a state visit to China once he is sworn into office on November 17. The invitation was extended by Chinese ambassador Zhang Lizhong during a courtesy call on Saturday.... More

An unlikely saviour

Who would have thought Elections Commissioner Ahmed Shareef would be celebrated as a saviour of democracy? When provisional results were announced hours after polls closed on September 23, the Maldives held its collective breath to see whether the... More

Maldives belies hopes of smooth transition from Yameen to Solih

When the result of the Maldivian Presidential election of 23 September came out, and the defeated incumbent, Abdulla Yameen, gracefully announced that he had accepted the people’s verdict and was bowing out of office on 17 November... More

President-Elect invites Pakistan PM to Maldives

Maldives’ President-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has invited the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to Maldives on a mutually convenient time. The Pakistani PM called president-elect Solih on Monday to congratulate him on winning the recent presidential elections against... More

Maldives President-Elect Gains Control of Parliament

The president-elect of the Maldives has scored another victory by securing a majority in Parliament after the Elections Commission restored 12 lawmakers who were earlier deemed to have lost their seats. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih won last month's presidential... More


Redefine Act East thrust 

India's Act East policy has so far mainly focused on developing greater connectivity with Southeast Asia through the country's northeast. But economists and logistics experts have long concluded that India's Look East or Act East thrust will primarily remain a maritime phenomenon because it is much cheaper to connect to much of Southeast Asia by sea than through an under-developed region like Northeast India. It defies logic as to... More

Is conflict driving Bangladesh’s politics and society?

Hate, insults, endless allegations and occasional physical confrontations have become the staple of Bangladesh’s political culture. No one is spared, and no one wants to be excluded. Instead of debate there is abuse. And then comes the counter and then some more...and the cycle goes on. Apart from the highly toxic level of antagonism, it also means that power has become precious and far too many people are trying to... More

India’s limited life-line in Afghanistan

While India continues to plan to expand its foothold in Afghanistan, using its alliance with the United States as its main source of support, and has also developed a seemingly strong relationship with Kabul, a close reading of geo-politics in this region shows that the prospects of a strong Indian presence are bleak. For one thing, India’s main reliance is on the US, which is itself gearing up to withdraw... More

Myanmar’s economy could go into a tailspin as currency woes deepen

y Fears that Myanmar’s currency crisis has only momentarily stalled are growing, as the government does not seem to see any urgency in tackling the underlying causes of the recent fall in the kyat’s value against the dollar. Regional analysts believe a major collapse of the currency remains very real. Their fears were justified when, the end of last week, the kyat plummeted once again to over K 1,600, largely... More

Spreading falsehood and distorting facts

Initiated in 2014 the Ashiana-Iqbal project could not be completed mainly because an illegal award increased the cost, and if it were to be initiated now, the escalated cost of Rs 40 billion will be borne either by the applicants of the government. As Lahore Development Authority (LDA) director general between 2013 and 2016, Ahad Khan Cheema was also a member on the Punjab Land Development Corporation (PLDC) board.... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More