Old geopolitical rivalry in Nepal takes a new turn: US and China...

On January 25 Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, the co-chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), came out with a strong statement denouncing the recent US intervention in Venezuela as an ‘imperialist coup’. Most Nepalis were dumbfounded. Nepal... More

As China woos Nepal, India opens waterway for its landlocked neighbor

The Indian government has started work on a 300-kilometre-long inland waterway that will provide direct sea access to landlocked Nepal. Nepal has been seeking sea access from India as well as China to boost its international trade. 98 per... More

How India’s neglect drives Nepal into China’s outstretched armes

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in November 2016 the overnight removal of all 500 and 1,000 rupee notes from circulation, it was framed as a crackdown on the black market, illicit money and counterfeit cash. This... More

Blasts in India-assisted hydropower project site in Nepal

An unidentified group has exploded three improvised explosive devices near the powerhouse of under construction Arun III Hydropower project, which is being developed with India's assistance in the eastern part of the Himalayan nation, according to a... More

Nepal wants zero-tariff facility on Indian agro goods dropped

Indian authorities have sought details from Nepal on their call to levy customs tariff on Indian agricultural products and some other primary products. Citing that the increasing import of Indian goods, especially agricultural products that are enjoying zero-tariff... More

Trench construction triggers fresh border dispute between India & Nepal

Nepal has accused India of flouting an agreement on the construction of a trench in a no man's land near the village of Dokebazar in the Nepalese district of Kanchanpur. India's border guards force, the Shashastra Seema... More

Nepal, China likely to sign transport protocol after two months

Nepal and China are preparing to sign the Protocol of Transit and Transport Agreement during the visit of Nepal’s President Bidya Devi Bhandari to Beijing to be held after around two months. President Bhandari is scheduled to visit... More

India-Nepal currency deadlock has its roots in face-off over Madhesis

Nepal’s decision to ban high-denomination Indian currency notes of Rs 2,000, Rs 500 and Rs 200 is linked to the Madhesi issue that had led to a major blockade of the India-Nepal border in 2015, taking the... More

Country now moves towards digital Nepal: PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the country has already moved ahead towards digital Nepal, e-governance and paperless technology. Inaugurating the High Definition (HD) version of four channels of the Nepal television (NTV) on the occasion... More

Nepal PM vows to improve ties with China, eases fears of BRI...

Nepal's participation in China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is in line with the country's national interests, Nepalese Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli said on Monday, seeking to assuage fears of a debt trap. "Even though there... More

China hands over expanded Kalanki-Koteshwar section of Ring Road

The government of China on Monday officially handed over the expanded Kalanki-Koteshwar section of Ring Road in Kathmandu. Amidst a special function organised in the capital this morning, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Hou Yanqi, handed over the the... More

Nepal shifts rightwards after the revolution

Ten years ago Nepal became a federal democratic republic when the Maoists gave up armed struggle and signed a comprehensive peace agreement. The subsequent overthrow of the monarch was hailed worldwide as an exemplary case of successful... More

Nepal, India air route talks keep going round in circles

Nepal and India made little progress at the highly anticipated air route talks held in Mumbai, India last week. Nepal has been badgering the southern neighbour to grant air entry points through the L626 Mahendranagar route and... More

Despite stirrings, revival of Nepal’s monarchy and Hindu character unlikely

Thirteen years ago, major political forces promulgated the interim constitution of Nepal (2007), following the formal entry of the warring Maoists into mainstream politics in 2006. The constitution, Nepal’s sixth, annulled all powers of the monarchy and... More

Nepal’s central bank announces ban of Indian currency above Rs. 100

Nepal's central bank has banned the use of Indian currency notes of Rs. 2,000, Rs. 500 and Rs. 200 denominations, a move that could affect Indian tourists visiting the Himalayan nation where Indian currency is widely used. Nepal... More

Nepal to allow entry of regional tourists through all border towns

The lure of liquor has raked in huge lucre for the Tamil Nadu Government as the state-owned Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) recorded a whopping sale amounting to Rs 735 crore during the recent Pongal festival... More

Panama-type scandal hits Nepal as leader promises probe

The Nepalese government promised an investigation Friday into an alleged scandal involving 55 citizens of the land-locked Himalayan country that stashed money abroad -- an act considered illegal locally. The assurance comes two days after the London-based Centre... More

Bilateral experts report on new India-Nepal treaty likely to face roadblocks

A new treaty allowing Nepal transit for arms and ammunition from third countries (but only after assuring Indian interests will be protected), and a hi-tech monitoring system for the border that will not diminish its open character... More

India is driving Nepal into the arms of China

It should have been a new beginning in India-Nepal relations, more momentous than in 1996 when New Delhi tried to take its sense of responsibility to its immediate neighbors after Inder Kumar Gujral became foreign minister. India... More

Nepal Communist Party still struggles to finalise unification deal

The Nepal Communist Party (NCP), which was formed after the merger of two largest communist parties in May 2018, is still struggling to finalise its unification deal, including merger of two powerful trade unions. A recent standing committee... More

Nepal NGO demands return of territories from India

A Nepalese non-governmental organisation has launched a signature campaign demanding the return of territory that Nepal lost to British India through the historic Sugauli Treaty of 1815. The campaign was initiated here by the Greater Nepal Nationalist Front... More


Hybrid warfare: Strategic coercion against Pakistan

While a globalised world was a cherished goal to bring people together, globalisation is increasingly used by one or the other country or group of countries to dominate the rest of the world by a violent process. Looking around we see wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen where the powers that be are trying to bend the power game towards themselves. Conventional wars are now more often not... More

Bangladesh’s Hercules syndrome and rule of vigilante law

A rapist was killed and his body was left with a note that said the death meted out to him was punishment for his crime. It was signed Hercules. A couple of other reports have appeared with such declarations and they have aroused considerable interest in media, particularly social media, the motherland of speculations. Who could be the possible vigilante killer? Long history Extra-judicial killings are nothing new and last... More

India key to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, says former Portuguese...

“This has less to do with geography than with history,” Macaes writes in his insightful book Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order. “As two rising giants, China and India will play a disproportionate role in shaping the new world political and economic order, but like every claim on the future, their role remain ambiguous. In China's case, the question is whether it will eventually measure up to the task... More

BJP has communalised process of awarding Indian citizenship?

Political realities have temporarily halted the BJP’s brazen attempt to communalise Indian citizenship requirements to the advantage of the majority Hindus and to the detriment of the minority Muslims. Evidently, there is also a bias in favour of the north Indian majority and against the Tamil minority in the matter of giving citizenship. But this has not been brought to light in a major and sustained way yet, because the... More

Amid peace talks, India and Ghani flog the dead-horse of elections...

Last week, Moscow hosted delegations from the Taliban and Afghanistan’s political opposition in a bid to establish sound political contacts between the two actors. The delegation of the opposition parties included Afghanistan’s former president, Hamid Karzai, and at least two female members, including a human rights activist, Hawa Nooristani, and a former parliament member Fawzia Koofi. The meeting in itself underscored the new political dynamics that would probably be at... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More