Indian police claim to have killed four Daesh terrorists in Kashmir

The Indian police of Jammu and Kashmir claim to have eliminated four terrorists in an encounter in Anantnag on Friday morning. One police officer and the owner of the house where the terrorists had... More

A China-India-Pakistan trilateral: Both a red herring and wake-up call

At an event earlier this week organized at the initiative of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, China’s envoy, Amb. Luo Zhaohui noting that India and Pakistan had become full member of the Shanghai... More

Saffron terror: Muslims attacked and killed in India

Just days after two Muslim men were beaten to death on suspicion of cattle theft in Jharkhand, social media users in India reacted with outrage at the news of a Muslim farmer, who was... More

Shifting power equations & geopolitical uncertainties in South Asia

The South Asian region has been witnessing uncertain geopolitical dynamics around sore trouble areas like Afghanistan, Kashmir, shifting American and Russian relations with India and Pakistan and enhanced Chinese footprint with Pakistani and other... More

Russian firm offers smart fencing technology to India for border with Pakistan

Nikiret — a subsidiary of Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation- ROSATOM has agreed to provide critical technology of Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) to India- based CORE Energy Systems. The partnership will explore... More

India’s constant issues with Pakistan reflect BJP’s hostile policy: report

When it comes to diplomacy, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ideology is nationalist in nature as reflected through New Delhi’s constant disputes with Pakistan, says a report published in the Global Times on Friday. Furthermore,... More

Expert asks India to be wary of China’s increasing influence in Ladakh

The Indian government needs to be very aware of the fact that China is quietly extending its influence in Ladakh and must take steps to counter it with a sense of urgency. According to an... More

As Modi cuts it loose, Kashmir is about to get even worse

India’s insurgency-ridden Jammu and Kashmir province is tipped to enter one of its most violent phases as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pulled his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) out of a local... More

Indian army kills more civilians than terrorists in J&K: Ghulam Nabi Azad

Congress leader and former J&K chief minister Ghulam Nabi Azad sparked a controversy when he said Army operations in the state killed more civilians than terrorists, eliciting a strong response from BJP, which accused... More

India spends lowest on healthcare in the world

The amount India spends on public health per capita every year is Rs 1,112, less than the cost of a single consultation at the country’s top private hospitals–or roughly the cost of a pizza... More

Ending alliance with PDP may not help BJP in 2019

The saffron party ended up winning 182 seats in the Lok Sabha elections in 1998 as well as in 1999 – four months after the famous Kargil victory. Also, the euphoria created after the... More

China accuses US of trade ‘abuses’ as India hits back at Trump

Global trade tensions deepened Thursday with China reiterating it will hit back if the latest tariff threats from Donald Trump materialize, while India followed the European Union in slapping retaliatory levies on US goods. China... More

India’s response to UN’s Kashmir report is distasteful, erroneous

When the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released its first-ever report on Kashmir on June 14, India went into fierce denial. Its Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) released a... More

L&T opposes plan to give submarine project to Mazagon Dock

With the government considering a proposal to move a Rs 60,000-crore project to build submarines to the public sector on a nomination basis, India’s top shipbuilder Larsen and Toubro has sought the Niti Aayog’s... More

Xi sells Seychelles on the seashore as Modi’s foreign policy lies in...

Xi sells Seychelles on the seashore. This twist on a familiar tongue twister doesn’t precisely describe how India’s jump to international military power status was thwarted, but isn’t entirely inaccurate. Back in 2011, China... More

Election year debacle: Modi government’s key economic advisor quits

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced on Wednesday that Subramanian, a former economist at the International Monetary Fund, would return to the US for family-related reasons. "He (Arvind Subramanian) informed me that he would like to... More

US Ambassador Nikki Haley in India next week for bilateral visit

Haley’s visit comes amid differences between India and the US on two issues – US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and impending sanctions on defence deals with Russia. Sources said the “bilateral visit is... More

India aborts Ramadan truce in Kashmir

The Indian government has ended the truce that it offered to Islamic militants in northern Jammu and Kashmir during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. On June 16, the federal minister for home affairs, Rajnath... More

India and Russia to hold tri-service military exercise ‘Indra’

The tri-service joint Russia-India military exercise Indra-2018 will take place in an Indian military base in the second half of this year. According to Interfax news agency, a Russian military delegation has visited India to... More

Modi’s India loses sight of the neighborhood

Last week, Dennis Faure, President of the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Seychelles, announced the cancellation of an agreement with India, under which the Indian government was to build a military facility for the... More

Withdrawal of India’s BJP from Kashmir government could herald ‘muscular policy’

India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) quit the ruling coalition in Jammu and Kashmir state on Tuesday and called for federal control over the disputed Himalayan region, citing a deterioration in security that could... More


Never give in

The last few months have been quite difficult for the Dubai-based Abraaj Group. At the beginning of the yearan initial trickle of newsfiltered through that something was amiss at the premier investment firm specializing in private equity investments in the MENSA region. Atorrent of revelations followedin Feb this year... More

BJP scuttled Kashmir government to sharpen Hindu-Muslim divide ahead of crucial...

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s decision to withdraw from its coalition with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in Jammu and Kashmir and scuttle the three-year old government has been taken with an eye on the Indian State and parliamentary elections to be held later this year and in 2019. The... More

In ongoing trade war India & China turn tables on US

China has fired back and India has threatened to follow suit in a spiralling trade conflict with the US that may finally reshape the contours of global economy. President Donald Trump's threat to take on Chinese goods in US market has been more than reciprocated by Beijing which has announced... More

Bangladesh: Crossfire killings, mob justice and social media

This girl obviously poor - only poor girls walk on the street at night- said she and another had been picked up but one was dropped and she was being raped. The crowd reacted swiftly and predictably as the men were stripped and beaten up, all caught on smart... More

Myanmar struggles to find a new Rakhine strategy

Myanmar finds itself in a new international quagmire as it attempts to redefine its solutions for reconciliation in Rakhine. In the past, Myanmar found itself in the middle of a tug of war, between the West and the East, as the US, UK and Europe imposed punitive sanctions in... More


Diplomatic damp squib

It is all but forgotten that the Korean War (1950-53) was brought to an armistice only after India agreed to make itself available to chair the UN Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission that determined which of the North Korean soldiers in Allied custody, and which of the South Koreans being... More

SCO nurtures Sino-Indian relations

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday expressed their willingness to lend momentum to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), with Xi offering  to work with India and other member states to carry forward the Shanghai Spirit and promote sound and stable development of the... More

Mani Shankar Aiyar on Pranab Mukherjee’s speech to RSS

I must confess to having felt queasy when I heard that our former Rashtrapati, Pranab Mukherjee, a man I much admire, was likely to accept an invitation from the RSS Sarsanghchalak, Mohan Bhagwat, to attend the convocation of Sangh Parivaar volunteers trained for three years in becoming pracharaks. I was not queasy about what... More

Pakistan’s next election will pave the way for progress

Pakistan, a former British colony in South Asia with a Muslim-majority (97%) population of 220 million, the sixth largest in the world,  is a regional power to be reckoned with. It has the geo-strategic advantage of being in close proximity to the Strait of Hormuz and the energy-rich Middle... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate Gorkhaland. I told them in no way should they support this demand. This has multifarious geo-political risks. If a Gorkhaland state is... More