Subir Bhaumik on Bangali solution

Citizenship Bill amendment protests rocks Assam

The ruling BJP is clearly on the defensive over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and seems to playing for time on the issue. The Bill proposes to provide citizenship or stay rights in India to minorities... More
Subir Bhaumik on Bangali solution

BCIM will take off after Wuhan

One of the key takeaway from the Xi-Modi 'informal summit at Wuhan appears to be the long dormant BCIM. The separate communiques issued after Wuhan alluded to BCIM positively. The two leaders seem to... More

CAATSA a new major hitch in India-US relations

India is very upset with a new US law that may affect its critical defence imports from its traditional supplier of military hardware Russia. And if the US sticks to its guns and does... More
Subir Bhaumik on Bangali solution

Ops Gagan Shakti raises eyebrows

Despite Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat flexing muscles over the military's two front war capability, the Air Force has been less than enthusiastic about making tall claims. A former Air Chief, on condition... More

Tripura’s new pitch for Geo-Economics

Biplab Deb is a BJP chief minister with a difference. In a 40-minute interview with this writer last week, he did not mention even once any of the usual saffron agenda -- Ram Mandir,... More

Mamata leads anti-BJP alliance making

Bengal has been known for showing the way for India in more ways than one. It may do so again in national politics. Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal's chief minister and Trinomul Congress supremo, showed her... More

Trump brings Asian rivals on the same page

During the 2016 presidential campaign, there were doubts about Donald Trump's ability to conduct war. Even people who liked him worried that he would be a loose cannon when lives were at stake. On who was... More
Subir Bhaumik on Bangali solution

BJP’s Northeast success 

Three Northeast Indian states recently returned BJP led coalitions to power. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his senior cabinet ministers were down in Northeastern state capitals to attend swearing in ceremonies with BJP patriarchs like... More
Subir Bhaumik on Bangali solution

Israel-India relations central to Delhi’s new Mideast Policy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent visit to India has firmly underlined the growing ties between the two countries, both democracies but ruled by parties which sees radical Islam as existential threats. Led by... More

Battle hots up for India’s tiny red fort

Tiny Tripura goes to polls on 18 February along with two other northeast Indian states, Nagaland and Meghalaya, in an electoral battle that is significant for the country's politics for reasons more than one. The... More

Pranab Mukherjee’s Bangladesh visit 

Pranab Mukherjee is the last of the Mohicans in the India-Bangladesh saga. He is India's most respected and senior most Bengali politician who has adorned the highest office of the country, that of President.... More

Former R&AW chief in India’s national security team

No deputy to the National Security Advisor (NSA) in India has attracted so much attention in Delhi's policy making circles as Rajinder Khanna did when he was appointed deputy NSA recently. He is the first... More

Whither Naga Accord!

Another Christmas has passed. The Nagas, India's most embattled nationality, still await the gift that Santa Claus Narendra Damodardas Modi promised them when his interlocutor for the Naga peace process R N Ravi signed... More

Gujarat warning for Modi, BJP

When asked what the BJP was doing to fulfil Narendra Modi's pre-poll promise to deposit a few lakhs in all bank accounts after bringing back black money of Indians stashed abroad, BJP party chief... More

Should India see Nepal polls as defeat!

Delhi's foreign policy mandarins could not conceal their glee when, in a tweet on 13 November, Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Kamal Thapa announced the scrapping of the US$2.5 billion deal with China’s... More

Myanmar’s Censorship worries

A film festival and a media development conference in Yangon has revived the controversy on Myanmar's struggle to end the draconian censorship of the military era and provide the Burmese freedom of expression. The Memory... More

Big talk won’t help Indian army

It is not yet known what Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat has done to address procurement issues to equip his one million plus force. The Indian army is a fine professional fighting force... More

QUAD back in Asia

US president Donald Trump began his presidency by howling "America First" at the top of his voice. State Department officials, who had conceived and developed Barack Obama's "Asia Pivot" were apprehensive that the US... More

Indian military diplomacy picking up

Bangladesh and Myanmar seem to be the immediate focus of Indian military diplomacy in its immediate neighbourhood, that seems to be gathering some pace, especially after the 63-day standoff at Doklam in the high... More

India for naval alliance to tackle China

Much as China seeks to exploit 'India fears' amongst smaller South Asian nations to make inroads into the region, India is trying to play on fears of China's neighbors in south-east Asia to work... More

Modi’s Naga failure

Despite much chest thumping surrounding the signing of a framework agreement in 2015, the Modi administration in India has failed to conclude a final settlement with Naga rebel leaders who have led India's oldest... More


Pressure mounts on Myanmar’s Suu Kyi

Myanmar’s civilian government is coming under increasing fire on all fronts. Or so it would seem. The UN, the US and China have all chipped in, to make the Lady’s life increasingly difficult, in one-way or another. But if the government was not facing enough trouble trying to arrange the... More

Khulna elections: AL won, BNP lost and the EC didn’t win

Municipality polls in the Khulna city polls drew as much interest as any national elections tussle. It was an intense politically combative one with BNP leader Khaleda Zia still held in jail. She is fighting to get bail which is proving to be rather elusive. BNP had claimed that its... More

Citizenship Bill amendment protests rocks Assam

The ruling BJP is clearly on the defensive over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and seems to playing for time on the issue. The Bill proposes to provide citizenship or stay rights in India to minorities from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The political calculation behind the move was to ensure the... More

Yameen’s toughness and geo-political changes restore balance in Indo-Maldivian ties

Toughness and grit on the part of the Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen, coupled with changes in the geo-political environment in South Asia, has resulted in a thawing of the icy relations between India and the Maldives. With a tough customer like Yameen at the helm in the Maldives running an... More

The US softens up on Pakistan to find ‘peace’ in Afghanistan

After experiencing months of cold, it seems that the US is starting to realize the folly of disengaging Pakistan, and is accordingly warming up. While underlying tensions remain, the recent change in emphasis on the role that Pakistan can play in Afghanistan does signify a US willingness to accommodate... More


Modi-Putin tete-a-tete in Sochi to mend ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Putin is flexible and pragmatic but harshly unwavering on Russian interests. Photo: Reuters/ Danish Siddiqui Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Putin is flexible and pragmatic but harshly unwavering on Russian interests.... More

India is failing the test on J-K

Mr Ram Madhav is the pointsman of the RSS and the BJP-led Central government for India’s foreign relations and Jammu & Kashmir. (Is there an irony in that?) On the government’s J&K policy, he once said: “The government will stand firm, eruption or no eruption.” Mr Madhav is safe and... More

Rohingya advocates urge Ottawa to consider resettling Muslim refugees

When more than half a million Rohingya fled their villages in Myanmar last year and crossed into Bangladesh by foot and by boat, Anwar Arkani’s three sisters were among them. Arkani, who came to Canada in 1998 after living as a refugee for a decade in Bangladesh and Thailand, knows... More

Guns vs. butter at Wuhan meeting

The anxiety syndrome in the American write-ups on the Wuhan summit is truly tragi-comic. An analyst at the Brookings Institution confidently predicted even before the summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping that the event was much ado about nothing. The US government-funded Voice of America in an... More



Gorkhaland, Mamata and the Chinese factor

Just a few days ago I warned two young student leaders in Darjeeling of West Bengal, against the violent movement which has started there for a separate Gorkhaland. I told them in no way should they support this demand. This has multifarious geo-political risks. If a Gorkhaland state is... More