IS chief in Afghanistan killed, claims President Ashraf Ghani

The head of the militant Islamic State (IS) group in Afghanistan, Abdul Hasib, has been killed in an operation led by Afghan special forces in... More

Chaman border attack: 50 Afghan soldiers killed, says Pak...

Inspector General Frontier Corps (FC) Major General Nadeem Ahmed has said Afghan forces targeted civilian population while Pakistan targeted their check-posts, inflicting heavy casualties. At least... More

U.S Looking At ‘Adjustments’ To Afghanistan’s War Strategy

Theresa Whelan, acting assistant defense secretary for Special Operations of the United States (U.S) said in response to questions by the U.S Senate Committee on... More

Hekmatyar Extends Brotherhood Hand to Taliban

Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA) leader Gulbadin Hekmatyar on Friday once again called on the Taliban to respond positively to people’s demand for peace so the Afghans... More

Hekmatyar calls Taliban ‘Brothers’, wants to mediate

Addressing a welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Kabul on Thursday, Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar called Taliban “brothers” and asked them to join the... More

At Least 8 Killed in Kabul Blast

At least eight civilians were killed in an explosion in Kabul city on Wednesday morning that targeted a convoy of foreign troops. The ministry of interior... More

Russia’s move to bring peace in Afghanistan is certainly...

For years, former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has been outspoken in his criticism of U.S. action in the war on terror. But in the aftermath... More

Casualties Among Afghan Forces Shockingly High: SIGAR

Preventing the Taliban and other militants from expanding their control of the countryside will continue to be a challenge for Afghan security forces, says a... More

Afghan Taliban launch ‘Spring Offensive’

The Afghan Taliban announced on Friday the launch of their annual fighting season to “cleanse their country of foreign aggressors and other corrupt elements.” The announcement... More

US Army to Send 1,500 Soldiers to Afghanistan in...

The US Army announced in a statement on Thursday it will send about 1,500 soldiers to Afghanistan during the summer months in support of Operation... More

April 13 US bombing killed 13 RAW agents in...

Pakistan claimed on Thursday that at least 13 Indian spies were also among those killed in a massive US bomb blast targeting Islamic State’s regional... More

Pak Defense Minister Wants Russia to Play Major Role...

Russia should spearhead the process of bringing stability to Afghanistan, while Pakistan will support all of Russia's initiatives towards reaching this goal, Pakistani Defense Minister... More

Over 18,000 Police Officers Killed in Helmand in 15...

Helmand police headquarters said on Wednesday that almost 18,000 Afghan National Police (ANP) officers have been killed in battles in the southern province of Helmand... More

Kabul seeks Delhi’s help in repairing grounded military planes

Last Friday’s terror attack at an Army base at Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan in which nearly 140 people were killed has triggered a fresh debate in... More

Defence Minister, Army Chief Quit over Balkh Bloodbath

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday accepted resignations of defence minister and army chief after the Balkh carnage at the hands of Taliban, his office... More

China Calls for all Afghan Sides to Actively Participate...

China Monday called for all sides in Afghanistan to participate actively in the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation process and jointly uphold national peace and development. “China... More

140 killed in Taliban attack on Afghan army base

At least 140 Afghan soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on an Army base in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province on Friday. The... More

China, Afghanistan Sign Agreement on Optic Fiber Link

Afgan Acting Telecommunications and Information Technology minister Sayed Ahmad Shah Sadat has signed an agreement with his Chinese counterpart Miao Wei in Beijing on linking... More

Massoud calls for early elections, asks Ghani to step...

Consultations will be held between a number of political leaders over the next few days where they will discuss issues relating to early elections, the... More

‘Sacking unfair, could end up in another civil war’

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s decision to dismiss his special envoy on Reforms and Good Governance, Zia Massoud, could further destabilise the country, at a... More

13 Indians reported killed in U.S. MOAB bombing

An Afghanistan-based news agency said on Tuesday that 13 Indians were killed in the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) attack by the U.S. military in... More


Modi’s China policy changes quickly between 2...

The distance between Beijing and Shanghai is 1318 kms, about the same as that between Delhi and Mumbai. Take the bullet train, and you will go from China's political capital to its commercial capital in five hours flat. The difference between the two cities is palpable. As... More

Internal differences stymie SCO’s effectiveness

At the conclusion of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held at Astana in Kazakhstan late last week, it was clear that the Eurasian body’s main concern will be to ensure the security of the Central Asian region against Islamic terrorism and externally-generated instability. Attempts by... More

Pakistan’s foreign policy dilemma keeps getting complicated

A pentagon report has claimed that China is seeking to build military bases in Pakistan as part of its global military expansion, seeking to translate its economic resources into strategic outposts in the Indian Ocean.   While China has officially rejected this report, there is no gainsaying that... More

Our very own Mafiosi?

Analysing material from the “Arms to Iraq” archive and studying key American political events including Watergate, Iran-Contra and Bill Clinton's impeachment, Dr Glen Newey, a Reader in politics at Strathclyde University, Glasgow concluded in a 2003 research study that some political deception is not only inevitable in... More

India: Playing the Tibet card!

"China’s refusal to acknowledge Indian national security concerns is now leading to a gradual but significant change in India’s Tibet policy," wrote Indian columnist Harsh Pant in a recent comment piece.  "The Modi government seems more open than its predecessors in re-evaluating the utility of the Tibet... More


India, Pakistan to gain from ‘Shanghai Spirit’

After being observers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for 12 years, India and Pakistan were admitted as full members to the bloc at the SCO summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Friday (9 June). In... More

Engaging an inward looking US

As he heads to the White House later this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a two-fold challenge. One is to preserve the gains in the bilateral relationship with the United States over the... More

The battle for values and concept of Hindu Rashtra  

Twenty-five years ago, I had edited an anthology of Dalit literature, Poisoned Bread: Translations from Modern Marathi Dalit Literature. In the introduction, I had stated: “In the coming age, India will see religion and... More

Could the Persian Gulf rift mean the beginning of the end...

Al Jazeera, the Pan-Arabic television network that gained a sudden worldwide audience in 2010 during the emergence of Arab Spring, is now threatened with extinction, many Middle East analysts fear. On Monday, Saudi Arabia, the... More



Reaction to “Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade”

David Bergman, British investigative journalist based in Bangladesh, commented on a recently published column of South Asian Monitor titled "SOUTHERN EYE: Behind Hasina’s RAW tirade" in his facebook profile. "This is a fascinating and detailed article... More

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