Saturday, March 11, 2017



Scorpene-class sub joins Indian navy in June

Indian navy is expected to induct its first Scorpene-class submarine, named Kalvari, this June, sharpening its underwater warfare capabilities. This will be followed by the commissioning of the second French-designed diesel-electric attack submarine, Khanderi, in December. Kalvari and Khanderi are two of... More

EXIT POLLS: Gain for BJP in UP and Uttarakhand

After a gruelling campaigning for over two months, the wait is about to end as the results for five states will be announced on 11 March. But before the counting of votes begins, the outcome of all major exit poll surveys... More

Life Sentence for a Disabled Professor Draws Criticism

In an unprecedented judgement, an Indian Court sentenced a physically handicapped professor of Delhi University to life in prison for his link to Maoist rebels. Professor G.N. Saibaba, who suffers from 90 percent disability owing to post-polio paralysis was arrested three... More

Indian Supreme Court push border fence with B’desh

India's Supreme Court (SC) has asked the federal government to release funds for a border fence with Bangladesh and observed that the updating of the National Register of Citizens in the state of Assam has to be finished soonest possible. The SC... More

India Offers To Give Up Veto Power Temporarily At UN Security...

To win permanent membership of the UN Security Council, India has offered to forgo veto power initially as a bargaining chip to get the reform process moving. "The issue of veto is important, but we should not allow it to have... More

SOUTHERN EYE: Modi’s move backfires in Assam

(Exclusive): Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move to grant citizenship to Hindus from Bangladesh even those came after 1971 has backfired in Assam. The amendment to the Citizenship Bill introduced by India's ruling BJP aims at granting citizenship to Hindus from Bangladesh, Pakistan... More

Daesh’s Khorasan Unit Starts Terror in India, Police Kill Suspected Attacker

After 12 hours of high intensity firing, Indian police killed a suspected terrorist of the Khorasan module of Daesh, also known as ISIS, in a case related to a low intensity train blast on Tuesday, making it the first Khorasan attack... More

Indian court makes rare conviction against Hindu radicals

An Indian court Wednesday (8 March) handed down a rare guilty verdict against three Hindu radicals over a shrine bombing, but cleared the alleged mastermind of the attack initially blamed on Islamist groups. Devendra Gupta and Bhavesh Patel were convicted in a... More

Indian citizen gets 15-year jail term on terrorism charges in US

A 41-year-old citizen of India was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in a US prison after he pleaded guilty to conspiring while living in northern Nevada to plot terror strikes in his home country on the border with Pakistan. US District Judge... More

The Trinamool Congress government displays authoritarian tendencies

A Frontline report draws attention to two Bills passed recently by the West Bengal Assembly, to crush any dissenting voice and to wrest control of government-aided institutions of higher education, highlighting the Trinamool Congress government’s authoritarian tendencies. The West Bengal Maintenance of... More

Choppy waters, unsure navigator

This week’s gathering of the Indian Ocean leaders in Jakarta has drawn a mixed reaction. Optimists see the Jakarta summit of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) as a “game changer”. For the pessimists, the IORA is a talking shop that... More

India: The top source and destination of  the world’s migration

India is fast weaving a legacy where it is the top source of international migrants, with one-in-twenty migrants worldwide being born in India but has one of the world’s lowest emigration rates where only about 1% of India’s birth population lives... More

India Not Eager to Hop On to China’s Cyber Sovereignty Bandwagon

India may not cosy up to a Chinese proposal in the next round of BRICS Summit to promote and bind member states into a multilateral treaty on “cyber sovereignty”. This allows each BRICS member country to govern cyber space in the... More

Supreme Court may revive Babri Masjid case

Amidst the ongoing elections in Uttar Pradesh, the Supreme Court of India has said that they will ask the trial court to conduct a joint trial in the decades-old Babri mosque demolition case. On 6 March 2017 the Court indicated that... More

Manipur High Court declares economic blockade illegal

The full bench of Manipur High Court declared the our-month-old economic blockade of the state as "illegal", an official confirmed on Monday, reports IANS The full bench, comprising Chief Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad, and Justices N. Koteswor and K. Nobin, passed the... More

Karan Johar becomes father to twins via surrogacy

Popular Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar on Sunday announced he has become a father to twins via surrogacy. He says they are now his world and priority. The daughter has been named Roohi — a rearrangement of Karan’s mother’s name Hiroo and the son has... More

Experts suggest Delhi to change Beijing policy

Indian policy circles thinking that New Delhi should move away from the competitive hardline policy towards China. The analysts believe that, India should accept and adjust to the reality that China is highly invested in a good relationship with Pakistan. In... More

China accusing India of using “Dalai lama card” to deteriorate relation

India deliberately using the Dalai Lama card to impair the bilateral relation between China and India, an expert stated this via China's influential Global Times newspaper. In a report of Global Times published on this Monday the writer said that Despite... More

Statistics is growth: let’s eat statistics

The Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) is an honourable institution. Dr Pronab Sen, the former chief statistician, and Dr T C A Anant, the current chief statistician, are honourable men. Ordinarily, one should have faith in them. I do. However, what should one... More

Tripura web media forum launched

Alternate media users among the practicing journalists of Tripura have taken a pioneering initiative to form an organization named Tripura Web Media Forum (TWMF) with the aim of pursuing independent journalism from an alienated region of India. A tiny State of... More

In new book, a side of Aurangzeb India is not familiar with

Not something we are used to reading about the Mughal emperor, but historian Audrey Truschke has a distinct take on the most hated of Babur’s successors. In her book, “The Life and Legacy of India’s Most Controversial King,” Truschke unpacks a... More


Founded in 1955 by Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Great Britain and Iran, the Baghdad... More

(Exclusive): Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move to grant citizenship to Hindus from Bangladesh... More

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The Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) is an honourable institution. Dr Pronab Sen, the... More


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This week’s gathering of the Indian Ocean leaders in Jakarta has drawn a... More

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