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Malaysian aid ship for Rohingyas arrives in Bangladesh

A Malaysian aid ship arrived in Bangladesh on Monday carrying aid for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who have fled from Myanmar,... More


Impending Draught Catastrophe

Sri Lankan Disaster Management Ministry Monday warned of the drought conditions spreading across more areas in the country in the coming months, with... More


Did BJP really offer Sharmila Rs 36 cr to contest Manipur...

In what may bring embarrassment to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ahead of the Manipur Assembly polls, social activist Irom Sharmila has revealed... More


Tehmina Janjua appointed Pakistan’s first woman foreign secretary

Pakistan on Monday appointed its permanent representative to the United Nations Tehmina Janjua as country's new foreign secretary, confirmed the Foreign Office. Tehmina Janjua,... More


Revolt against Bangla radio program in Rakhine

Buddhist rightist organizations of Bangladesh bordering Myanmar's Rakhine region now started protesting against Bangla language. Few days ago, A radio station of the... More


Afghans Not Impressed by Prince Harry

The revelations of Prince Harry, who complained about his service in Afghanistan, have found no sympathy with Afghan parliamentarians and military experts who... More


Nepal parties fail to institutionalize changed system: Ex-President Yadav

Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has complained that political parties were yet to institutionalize the democratic system. Launching the 'Total', the national monthly... More


Maldives, Sri Lanka concludes third session of Joint Commission

The Third Session of the Maldives-Sri Lanka Joint Commission was held last on Thursday, at the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Mohamed... More


Bhutan to share intelligence with India’s Assam

Bhutan will share information with the Indian state of Assam on terrorist activities in the region. The country will also set up a... More

West Bengal objects to BD’s Ganges Barrage too

West Bengal has been a major obstacle to the Teesta water agreement between Bangladesh and India. They are now objecting to the Ganges Barrage Project proposed by Bangladesh. Recently in... More


Senior police officers among 13 killed as suicide bomber strikes Lahore

At least 13 people were killed and 85 injured when a suicide bomber struck Monday evening around 6pm outside the Punjab Assembly in Lahore during a protest, police officials said. Inspector General of Police (IG) Punjab... More

Nepal President asks party leaders to focus on elections

President Bidya Devi Bhandari held discussion with the top leaders of major political parties on Nepal’s current political situation, and urged them to work together in order to hold elections and implement the Constitution. It was... More

Exiled Maldives leader Nasheed to stand for 2018 presidency

Exiled Maldivian leader Mohamed Nasheed said on Thursday he would return to the troubled Indian Ocean archipelago to contest a 2018 presidential election and called for international pressure on the government to allow him to... More



Afghan-Pak negotiation can tackle terror . . .

Afghanistan is marking its 28th anniversary of the former Soviet Union Red Army defeat and finally withdrawal from the country. But alongside, it needs a firm relation with its immediate neighbor, Pakistan to tackle terrorists... More


Brahmaputra Lit Fest in Guwahati

It was late in the afternoon that we reached Guwahati on 27 January, a beautiful sunny day. The winter chill hadn’t quite set in. It was festive season in Assam, being celebrated with all sorts... More


Sheikh Hasina’s Delhi visit remains uncertain

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s New Delhi visit might be postponed till April instead of February as was expected earlier. This date may even be shifted to later in the year if the two countries fail to reach a consensus on... More

5 State Election: Litmus Test For BJP And Modi

On the heels of demonetisation, the election of five states of India --Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Manipur-- kicked off in seven phases starting 4 February, with final results due on 11 March 2017. In this mini general election an estimated... More

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh to be 2nd, 15th & 23rd largest economies...

IMF predicts that world economy will be centered on Asia by the year 2050, shifting from North America, Western Europe and Japan. And three large countries of South Asia- India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - are primed to lead this economic change. In... More

Ethereum Casinos: A New Frontier in Digital Entertainment

Ethereum casinos are quickly becoming a new frontier in digital entertainment, offering players a secure and immersive way to gamble online. These casinos are powered by the Ethereum blockchain, which enables faster and cheaper transactions, as well as greater transparency and fairness. If you're looking to gamble with cryptocurrency, there are a growing number of casinos that accept ETH as a form of payment. In... More

Afghan conflict: Blame vs Cooperation

Recent activities of the major powers centering on Afghanistan as well as accusations and counter-accusations have created new tensions in South Asian region. In this geopolitical game, the US is leading an axis involving India and Afghanistan, while the other is... More


Demonitisation shaved off Rs2.25 lakh crore from GDP: Chidambaram

Former Finance Minister in the UPA government of India, P. Chidambaram has come out with a new book, ‘Fearless in Opposition’, at a time when his home State of Tamil Nadu is going through a... More


India has 3 times external debt than rest 8...

India's foreign debt is the highest among the South Asian countries. Currently, rest of the south Asian countries combinedly have around...More


(Exclusive): Many analysts and foreign businessmen fear that recent events in Myanmar have pushed... More

A budget is contextual.  When the new year dawned, some things were abundantly... More

With over 20% of the world’s population and 40% of the poverty-stricken, South... More

(Exclusive) India’s 2017-18 budget has left behind a trail of controversies, even one... More

A new chapter of Asia’s growth story is being written either side of... More


Can China, US cooperate on Afghan issues?

After winning the presidential election, Donald Trump's "America First" doctrine has created a prominent shift in the US' foreign relationships. Trump emphasized that: "We don't want to... More

Delhi, Tokyo, Canberra

Donald Trump sent a tremor through one of America’s most solid alliances last week in his leaked phone call with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. He... More

Lankan worries about Indian “Trojan horse”

For decades before and after Sri Lanka’s independence in 1948, India’s relations with the island nation were political and adversarial. But since the second half of the... More

PM and the UP crucible

In the 69 years of parliamentary democracy in India, no prime minister has been as audacious as Narendra Modi. He has said publicly that he will be... More

Sri Lanka and the pivot to Asia in the new global...

In October 2011, then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlined a new foreign policy vision for the United States that rebalanced its focus to East Asia... More



This week people in Myanmar were forced to confront the kind of country... More

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Three Nepali cyclists on global tour to...

As the world is experiencing impacts of global warming, different countries and national and international organisations are taking numbers of measures to tackle the... More

Pakistan is one of Asia’s fastest-growing internet...

The total number of internet users in the South Asian country currently stands at 35.1 million, representing 18 percent of the 194 million population.... More

Move over Jupiter: Saturn acts as Earth’s...

New research has found that Saturn may play a crucial role in shielding the Earth from asteroids, challenging the theory that Jupiter acts as... More

BJP’s systematic use of trolling to incite...

Social media in India is awash with right-wing trolls who incite online communal tension and abuse and sexually harass journalists, opposition politicians and anyone... More

Human safari strips the façade of civilization

Tourists are being lured to the Andaman Islands with advertisements featuring the ‘human safari’. This safari has created quite a stir. Instead of catching... More

Lethwei – Myanmar’s combat sport

In the old days, droves of spectators gathered in communal theatres around rural Myanmar to witness just one thing – Lethwei, the nation’s bareknuckle... More

Healthy Eating and Diet Tips for South...

Healthy eating can help control diabetes Asians have a particularly high susceptibility to type 2 diabetes and a healthy diet is one of the main... More

Tamil pride ‘Jallikattu’

The bull taming event 'Jallikaatu' typically practiced in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day, third day of the... More