Afghanistan to join CPEC soon, hopes Pak minister

Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia will soon join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a huge regional project, hopes a Pakistani minister. In an interview published on Sunday, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri said Pakistan wanted friendly... More

US should push for political solution in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has been long and costly for the United States. It’s gone on for nearly 17 years, longer than any other American war. We’ve spent about $1 trillion there, and we continue spending about... More

UN warns of serious shortfall in Afghan emergency funds

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Afghanistan Toby Lanzer said “if we do not engage more on short-term emergency requirements,” those achieved development gains and “the possibilities that peace could actually be explored within Afghanistan” might be lost. Speaking... More

Afghan Officials To Meet Taliban In Moscow: Report

Afghan officials have shown readiness to meet Taliban representatives in Moscow. Although the exact date of Moscow meeting on Afghan war and peace is yet to become clear, Afghan officials have declared that they are ready to meet... More

Afghan delegation in Moscow to discuss format of meeting

Russia's Foreign Ministry official said on Thursday that an Afghan delegation would address the details related to holding the Moscow format meeting on Afghanistan. The report stated that according to Russian officials, members of the Taliban are also... More

The Mafia that threatens Afghanistan

Afghanistan will dangle two an important elections within the subsequent seven months: a parliamentary vote in October and a presidential election in April. The results may lend a hand maintain a gentle path for the teenage democracy,... More

Russia says Taliban ready to attend Afghan peace talks in Moscow

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday the Taliban was prepared to attend multilateral peace talks on Afghanistan in Moscow, RIA news agency reported. Afghanistan’s deputy foreign minister is expected to visit Moscow on Thursday to discuss... More

‘Situation in Afghanistan heats up daily because of US presence’

The recent aggravation of the situation in Afghanistan is connected with the interference of the United States in the internal affairs of the country, as well as with Washington's desire to benefit from a protracted conflict, chairman... More

Afghanistan’s war is unrestricted: Ghani

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani delivered a speech at the India Foundation on Wednesday after meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi. Ghani said: “Afghanistan serves as a platform for regional and global cooperation and stability and... More

Invitation to US on Afghan conference is still in force: Russia’s UN...

Russia hopes the United States will take part in the next conference on Afghanistan in Moscow and the invitation is still in force, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said on Monday. "An optimal venue... More

NATO to build massive command-and-control center in Kabul

Almost 17 years after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, NATO is now bidding a contract to build a large, concrete command-and-control center in Kabul, the country’s capital and largest city. According to a NATO procurement document, the complex... More

US bases must be closed, say Taliban

Taliban leaders are calling for US bases in Afghanistan to be closed down, sources say. They are also demanding the release of hundreds of their prisoners held captive by the Afghan security forces. This demand comes after... More

Pakistan offers to train Afghan police, other LEAs

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Saturday reiterated Pakistan’s support for the Afghan National Unity Government’s efforts to bring lasting peace in Afghanistan. He assured the Afghan leadership that Pakistan, along with other partners, was ready to play a... More

What the Afghan war looks like after 17 years?

Afghanistan’s geopolitics has changed; the ‘war on terror’ narrative is absolutely dead given that the US is now talking to the Taliban (the erstwhile “terrorists”) and sees them as a political force. While the war in Afghanistan is... More

Afghanistan seeks agriculture tie-ups with India

Afghanistan on Saturday invited Indian businesses to invest in its agriculture sector, promising to roll out great opportunities in the fields of manufacturing, processing, packaging and marketing of farm products. Afghanistan's Deputy Minister for Agriculture Naseer Ahmed Durrani... More

Afghan Taliban to seek prisoner swap as U.S. attempts to broker peace...

The youngest son of the feared Haqqani terror network’s founder is among hundreds of prisoners whom the Taliban is demanding be released as part of an upcoming round of talks with the United States, four Taliban officials... More

‘Pakistan considering allowing India-Afghanistan trade via its territory’

Pakistan had approached Afghanistan earlier this year and indicated its willingness to discuss resumption of trade between Afghanistan and India via Pakistan through the land route, United States ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass told ET in an... More

President Ghani Insists Trump’s Taliban Strategy Is Working

President Ashraf Ghani says that if US troops were to withdraw, the country would become a breeding ground for terrorism. As insecurity grows in parts of the country along with political issues around elections and the peace process,... More

Afghan conflict could be deadlier than Syria in 2018: analysts

The Afghan conflict could overtake Syria as the deadliest conflict in the world this year, analysts say, as violence surges 17 years after the US-led invasion. The grim assessment contrasts sharply with the consistently upbeat public view of... More

Afghan parliament to review security pact with US: Reports

A majority of lawmakers in Afghanistan’s parliament have voted to review their nation’s security agreement with the United States, including permission for permanent US military bases to remain in the country, according to reports on Wednesday. "The idea... More

Afghanistan peace talks stick on bases: US wants 2, Taliban none

Negotiations between the United States and the Afghan Taliban for a political settlement to end the protracted war in Afghanistan are stuck over the issue of maintenance of US military bases in the country, according to Waheed... More


Saudi investment in CPEC will deepen Pak ties with Riyadh and...

Pakistan has officially invited Saudi Arabia to not only invest in the geo-economically celebrated China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but also be a strategic partner, deepening considerable strategic convergence on economic as well as geo-political issues. The immediate reason for Saudi Arabia’s billion-dollar investment in CPEC is, as Pakistan’s own finance minister said, his country’s poor economic condition and the fast-depleting foreign exchange reserves, hampering its ability to continue and complete... More

India’s juvenile volte face

It was the “political survival instinct” of the rapidly weakening BJP which made the Indian government suddenly call off the foreign ministers-level talks with Pakistan which were to be held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York next week. India’s foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and her Pakistani counterpart S M Qureshi were to meet and thrash out a range of issues bedeviling bilateral ties. The reasons for not... More

South Asian media: Inventing a region?

South Asia is a popular buzz word which is rarely defined properly. This lack of clarity suits many as people have no idea what it actually means and how one is supposed to respond to it. The result has been an overlap of ideas, projects and ultimately regional strategies that fail to produce a concept which everyone can buy into. South Asian media as it exists today is a... More

No more PSLs abroad

“The pulsating cheering crowd in the National Stadium Karachi for the PSL Final, and subsequently for the three international T20s, underscored the return of peace to a city (and country) torn by internal strife. Bereft of any sports spectacle and living in cold fear for life and limb of their (and their families) because of open-ended threats from terrorists, political, religious and the criminal kind, the people of Karachi... More

Myanmar moves closer to China with increased bilateral trade and investment...

Myanmar and China are consolidating their bilateral trade and investment relationship. In fact, Beijing is fast becoming Myanmar’s strongest and most important ally, but this strengthened relationship has made many in the government nervous. Even the State Counselor, Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s civilian leader, is worried about the impression this increased dependence on China is having. She wants to allay the fears of both the United States and... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More