Bangladesh’s trade deficit shrinks to 11.93 bln USD in 3 quarters

Bangladesh's trade deficit shrank to 11.93 billion U.S. dollars in the first three quarters of the current 2018-19 fiscal year (July 2018-June 2019) as the growth in exports outpaced the increase in imports, central bank data showed... More

Addressing the Rohingya crisis: whose responsibility is it?

It has been almost 21 months since the influx of about 750,000 Rohingyas to Bangladesh began in August 2017. Gradually, it is becoming clear to us that the Rohingyas are here to stay for a protracted period... More

Beijing sees solution to Rohingya crisis in BCIM implementation

China sees a “very good solution” to the ongoing Rohingya crisis in the process of implementing the BCIM (Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar) Economic Corridor stressing that its “real solution” lies in development. “China pays very close attention to... More

Mahathir may visit Bangladesh later this year

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad may visit Bangladesh sometime later this year, according to foreign ministry officials. “We are working on it. Everything will be fixed step by step,” a foreign ministry official said. The exact date of the... More

Bangladesh’s China-India balance

While China’s domination of the telecommunications industry in Asia has become a fact of life, the world power has established a foothold in another sector in Bangladesh: the energy industry. Plagued by persistent energy crises, the South... More

India deports 20 Bangladesh nationals

Twenty Bangladeshi nationals, including a woman, were on Saturday sent back home via the Sutarkandi border check-point in southern Assam’s Karimganj district. Officials said the deportation process was conducted smoothly by the border defence forces of both the... More

Bangladesh, US hold dialogue on security, ‘key component’ of ties

The seventh episode of the ‘security dialogue’ between the Bangladesh and the United States has noted that security cooperation is a “key component” in bilateral cooperation, the foreign ministry says. Director General, Americas Wing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs... More

India’s Northeast emerges as a drug-trafficking corridor between Myanmar and Bangladesh

On April 5, Lt. Col. Ahmed Yousuf Jamil told the media in Bangladesh that seized consignments of a drug called yaba at Sylhet originated in Myanmar and were transported through India. His statement comes after a series... More

China donates 1,000 firefighting motorcycles to Bangladesh

China on Thursday donated 1,000 firefighting motorcycles to Bangladesh in a bid to help strengthen the operational capability of Bangladesh's fire service and civil defense. Chen Wei, charge d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh, handed over the... More

‘Climate passports for victims of climate change’

People in countries vulnerable to the impact of climate change should be trained in skills to facilitate their migration to other countries. There should be provisions for climate passports. Adaptation strategies should also be put into place... More

Bangladesh Navy gets two powerful warships from China

Two new warships equipped with modern technology and advanced equipment were received by the Bangladesh Navy at Chattogram Naval Jetty on Saturday. ‘Sangram’ and ‘Prottyasha’, both 90-metre long and 11-metre wide, are capable of hitting enemy airplanes, ships... More

Rohingya should move to island to avoid landslides: Bangladesh minister

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are at risk from landslides in the coming monsoon season and should be relocated to a remote island, the country's foreign minister said on Thursday (Apr 25), a move opposed by many refugees. Bangladesh... More

BRI can help boost Bangladesh economic zones, support poverty reduction measures

Though Bangladesh doesn't share a border with China, both countries enjoy deep ties - from economy to defense and people-to-people contact. However, economic relations between the friendly nations are the most significant aspect of their ties, which... More

Bangladesh Navy chief calls on Chinese President Xi, Chinese Naval chief

Chief of Bangladesh Navy Admiral Aurangzeb Chowdhury made separate courtesy calls on Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese Naval chief Vice Admiral Shen Jinlong at Chinese town Qingdao on Tuesday. Bangladesh Navy Chief paid the courtesy calls on... More

In Rohingya camps, a political awakening faces a backlash

It was after Mohib Ullah scored his first political victories that the death threats began in earnest. On a recent morning, the Rohingya refugee leaned back on a plastic chair in the Bangladesh camp where he lives... More

Bangladesh-UK strategic dialogue begins Wednesday in Dhaka

The 3rd Strategic Dialogue between Bangladesh and the UK is set to begin in Dhaka on Wednesday. The Strategic Dialogue is a forum led by Bangladesh foreign secretary Shahidul Haque and permanent under secretary of the UK Foreign... More

Bangladesh eyes alternatives to China’s belt and road loans as it seeks...

Bangladesh “never will” ask China for more loans as it looks for ways to finance its future development, according to the country’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mohammed Shahriar Alam. Speaking to the South China Morning Post... More

Bangladesh paying a price for hosting refugees

Bangladesh is paying a heavy price for hosting hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. According to an article on the Bangladesh Chronicle’s website on April 20, the country has already lost US$211 million worth of... More

Chinese companies lobby for 2nd nuclear power plant in Bangladesh

Chinese companies are showing interest in constructing the planned second nuclear power plant in Bangladesh’s south although the site is yet to be selected. Two Chinese companies — Dongfang Electric Corporation and China State Construction Engineering Corporation —... More

Bangladesh moves 4 notches down in press freedom index

Bangladesh has slipped four notches down in the World Press Freedom Index-2019 published by Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Bangladesh ranks 150th with a global score of 50.74 this year, according to the index published on Tuesday by... More

Sea of hopelessness: Uncertain future in refugee mega-camp in Bangladesh

Fariza Begum doesn’t exactly know how old she is, but guesses she could be 17. In 2017, her mother was shot dead by Myanmar soldiers, as was her baby brother. Walking through jungles and mountains, and braving... More


On being a Muslim in Sri Lanka after April 21, 2019

No significant anti-Muslim incidents have taken place since April 21, when two local Islamic State (IS) affiliates, the National Tawheed Jamaath (NRJ) and the Jamaathei Millathu Ibraheemi (JMI), carried out nine suicide attacks killing over 250 people, mostly local Christiansand foreigners. Life has returned to normal in Colombo with Muslim shops doing brisk business. Muslim women go about freely in... More

Need to settle Pakistan’s telecom license issue fast

The license of Telenor Pakistan and Jazz are due to expire on 25 May 2019. Three days ago, they approached the Islamabad High Court asking for “clarity” on the terms of their license renewal. They say that it should be done “in an equitable, fair and transparent way.” By saying this, they mean that in their reading, the license stipulates... More

In Bangladesh, the State has prevailed over Islamist extremism

The Islamist or Jihadist is either romanticized or demonized. Typically, the assessment is based on ideological predilections rather than hard analysis. In many countries, extremism, whether violent and non-violent, is beginning to gain ground or won’t leave the shores. But in Bangladesh there has been only one major episode in recent times. That was on July 1, 2016, when 20... More

China and Myanmar strengthen ties at BRI summit

Myanmar and China have a special relationship that was further strengthened by State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi’s recent trip to Beijing. The frequency of her trips to China, more than to any other country, since she became State Councillor, underlines that relationship. While no major new agreements were signed during the trip, it was a public re-assertion of the... More

Consensus on Afghanistan: More than just a ‘Great Game’

The April 26, 2019 meeting between Special Representatives of the US, China and Russia in Moscow has turned out to be a true watershed event. It is a big leap towards ending the almost 18 year-old US war in Afghanistan. The Big-Power consensus on ending the US-Afghan war is unprecedented, in that, these powers, namely, the US and Russia, and... More



Exclusive Interview with Bhutan’s Prime Minister

“I will request PM Sheikh Hasina to support us with some (medical) specialists that will be an immediate help for Bhutan” Dr.Lotay Tshering Prime Minister of Bhutan Bhutan’s Prime Minister, Dr. Lotay Tshering, is set to visit Bangladesh on 12th... More