Here’s why Pakistan’s JF-17 is a viable alternative to the American F-16

As of right now, a lot of countries are taking an interest in the JF-17, the result of collaboration between Pakistan and China. The Block III version of the JF-17 is a significant landmark for the multirole... More

Pakistan PM welcomes Malaysian counterpart in Islamabad

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad arrived in Islamabad Thursday on a three-day visit to Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed the Malaysian delegation at the Nur Khan Airbase along with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. The guest... More

Indian analysts worry about advantage Pakistan as US-Afghanistan ties hit new low

US negotiations with the Taliban without official Afghan participation have led to the worst diplomatic spat in years between Kabul and Washington, and the rift has Indian analysts worried about its possible implications for South Asia. Speaking to... More

Pakistan eyes $900 million investment deals during Malaysian PM’s visit

Pakistan is set to sign deals worth $900 million in telecoms, information technology during a three day visit by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, a senior official said on Thursday. Pakistan, facing an economic crisis due to depleting... More

US remains concerned about India-Pakistan tensions: official

The United States remains concerned about India-Pakistan tensions as the nuclear-armed countries’ militaries remain on alert nearly three weeks after their most dangerous confrontation in decades, a senior US administration official said on Wednesday. The official also indicated... More

Pakistan to deploy new squadron of F-16 fighter planes along border with...

Almost two weeks after the IAF air strike on Balakot training camps of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Pakistan has decided to increase the deployment of a new squadron of F-16 fighter plane across the border areas with India. According to... More

China, Pakistan vow to further boost CPEC

The first Chinese-Pakistani strategic dialogue between the two countries' foreign ministers and the first meeting to boost inter-party consultation on cooperation to build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was held in Beijing on Tuesday. As agreed by the... More

Why Pakistan’s jets took off from an Islamabad highway

Pakistan’s main highway was closed for traffic for a few hours on Monday as the surrounding air filled with loud whooshing sounds. The reason was the demonstration capability of off-runway operations by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft, which... More

Pakistan to develop combat aircraft

Pakistan has prepared another military aircraft to use for war purposes after the success of its JF-17 Thunder. According to details, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex has prepared the latest version of Super Mushak aircrafts. The aircraft will be used... More

Pakistan shows interest in UAE’s space programme

The Pakistan space agency is in talks with the UAE on developing collaboration in space-related activities, a top official from Pakistan has revealed. Pakistan was taking part in the Global Space Congress for the first time, where they... More

Pakistan exults as first thermal plant under CPEC starts electricity generation

Reaching a major milestone, the journey of achieving energy efficiency, Pakistan has started commercial electricity generation from the Thar power plant. The electricity generation started Tuesday with 330MW of power being connected to the national grid. A video... More

Beijing backs Pakistan’s efforts to manage relations with neighbours: Chinese Vice-President

Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan on Tuesday said China supported Pakistan’s efforts to manage its relationships with its neighbours. In a meeting with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Wang said the relationship between China and Pakistan had... More

Pakistan and India can’t escape the conflict cycle

The outbreak of violence last week between India and Pakistan once again reaffirmed that South Asia is home to one of the most dangerous rivalries on Earth. As has happened several times since the Kargil War in... More

Pakistan entitled to use F-16 fighter jet against any country: Sources

Diplomatic sources on Monday said Pakistan was entitled to use US-made F-16 fighter aircraft for its defence against any country. The sources said as per the deal with the United States, the country was not restricted to... More

Pakistan FM stresses meaningful dialogue among regional players

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday stressed upon the need for a meaningful dialogue between neighbouring countries to ensure peace in South Asia. He said this while addressing scholars and researchers at the China Institute for... More

Understanding the latest India-Pakistan meeting on the Kartarpur corridor

On March 14, Pakistan and India’s delegations met on the Indian side of the Attari-Wagah border to finalize the modalities for the Kartarpur corridor’s opening. The development comes a few weeks after the two countries were on... More

China sends fighters for Pakistan Day parade, days after thwarting Masood Azhar...

Chinese fighters have reached Islamabad to take part in the Pakistan Day parade, days after Beijing put a technical hold on the fourth proposal seeking a global terrorist tag for Masood Azhar, the chief of the Pakistan-based... More

Pakistan claims Indian spy drone shot down along LoC

Major General Asif Ghafoor, spokesperson for Pakistan Armed Forces, in a Saturday tweet, claimed that the national army shot down what he described as ‘an Indian spying quadcopter'. The quadcopter had come 150 meters inside Pakistan. The Indian... More

Pakistan’s F-16s battled Soviet jets and shot down the future vice president...

In 1977, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq overthrew Pakistan’s civilian president in a coup. He proceeded to institute hardline Islamist laws throughout Pakistan, and began rebuilding Pakistani military power after its humiliating defeat in a 1971 war with India. Following... More

India, Pakistan threatened to unleash missiles at each other: sources

The sparring between India and Pakistan last month threatened to spiral out of control and only interventions by U.S. officials, including National Security Advisor John Bolton, headed off a bigger conflict, five sources familiar with the events... More

Peace in Afghanistan within reach: Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said Friday that peace in Afghanistan is “around the corner,” referring to the efforts by the United States for a political settlement to the conflict in the country. “Negotiations have been initiated with... More


Pakistan, Afghan peace and India

After almost two decades the US-led NATO intervention in Afghanistan aimed at eradicating the Taliban had no end in sight. US President Donald Trump and the American people, if not the US military, decided that an honourable exit was necessary to end the longest war in US history. Despite the fact that one of Trump’s election promise was to exit Afghanistan (Iraq and Syria) by reluctantly Troop had approved... More

Despite controversy, Afghanistan Peace Process makes major strides

Despite Kabul’s publicly made allegations on the US about ‘selling Afghanistan to the Taliban’ in the peace talks, there is little gainsaying that the Afghan-US war has never been so close to ending through settlement than it is now. While Kabul continues to express its anger over being excluded, there is little, given the legitimacy crisis Kabul is itself facing, that even the principal Afghan actors can do to... More

Regulators and conflict of interest

A governmental body created by a legislature to implement and enforce specific laws, a "Regulatory Agency" or a "Regulator" would usually have quasi-legislative functions, executive functions, and judicial functions. Many laws govern social and economic matters, such as income tax, environmental laws, occupational health and safety laws, real estate law, employment laws, etc. A regulatory agency serves two primary functions in govt: implement the laws and enforce the same. Regulations... More

Is Bangladesh an online state?

Bangladesh is an online state with an incredibly high number of virtual citizens. Few can match them in enthusiasm, participation and enjoyment of what the online world offers, good or bad. Much great stuff happens on the net but so does nasty stuff. It’s also a great producer of cultural and otherwise, not to mention, political ones. The recent spate of actions against online content considered “harmful” have spiked, which,... More

How China might undo Saudi plans for Iran?

The recent Saudi bid to increase its economic and political influence in South Asia (Pakistan and India) is, as I pointed out in my previous stories for SAM, largely informed not just by the imperative of a Saudi economic expansion across Asia and avoid economic doom, but also by the objective of snatching Iran’s share of oil market in this part of the world. This is partly one reason... More



The fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31, was “not fruitful” because of the inherent “weakness” of the regional inter-state institution,... More